Packing India act as a one-stop-company for packaging solutions. It provides complete integrated packaging solutions, right from design to delivery. Catering to the specific needs of customers for packaging machines and packaging materials by constantly redefining cost-effective packaging options, is its tradition. With almost decade of experience in total packaging and significant investments, Packing India has perfected its process to supply high quality packaging solutions on time and with budgets.
Shrink Films LD, PVC

These LD & PVC shrink film are suggested for group packaging. These films are available in different forms, such as pouches and roles.

Stretch Films

Our Stretch film that combines outstanding optical qualities, strong & tough, manufacture with high abuse resistance.

Monolayer Films

These Monflayer Films & packaging films are offered in a variety of widths & thicknesses. Notable for their impeccable quality.

Printing upto 8 colour Rotogravure

Our Rotogravure Printing Machine (8 Colours) consists of immersion type inking system that has an ink tray.

Lamination Printing, PET BOPP

PET BOPP Lamination Printing High Bond Polyester / BOPP Lamination Printing We have brought qualitative PVC film printing inks.

PVC Films

PVC Films are used in most demandable use of packaging and are the most modern form of shrink films with stability in transportation.


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